Wood Floor Repairs/Restoration

Do you own a home with wood flooring in the Dallas, Plano, or Frisco areas?

Have you recently experienced a water damage emergency putting your wood floors under water for ANY period of time?

Don’t wait! Call HSW Floors now!

Cleaning up, drying out, and repairing water damaged wood floors is our top specialty.

Time is of the essence.  Let’s get started right away.

We have seen it all; toilets that overflow, water heaters break, air conditioner drains get clogged, faucets break, washing machines fail, dishwashers leak, ice makers turn off and all the ice melts… nearly every kind of plumbing disaster.

I’ve just experienced a water damage event in my home. How can HSW Floors help me?

  1. The first thing that needs to be addressed after the visible water has been mopped and vacuumed up, is to use professional-grade water detection equipment to locate the hidden water in your walls and floors and get it out.
  2. Some materials such as drywall may be dried in place and other materials such as hardwood flooring may need to be removed and replaced new.
  3. A good contractor will only remove what is necessary and will dry the rest of the water out efficiently before microbial growth has a chance to take hold.
  1. If necessary, it’s important file a water damage claim as soon as possible to get the process start. Delays can mean that the water spreads before you get authorization to start work.
  2. HSW Floors will gather data and write up a comprehensive estimate for repairs using the same software and same pricing sheet that the adjuster for the insurance company will use.
  3. If the insurance company has a difference of opinion on what is damaged or how much it will cost to repair, let HSW Floors argue on your behalf.
  1. If the water mitigation contractor is sloppy and does a bad job, it creates more work for the restoration and more headaches for you, the homeowner. We’ve seen some of the flood demolition done by our competitors and the downstream consequences were avoidable, had the drying technician had an understanding of construction methods.  Excessive or sloppy demolition means that your repairs take longer and become more complicated than necessary.  Since we understand home renovation, we understand how things are put together and how to take them apart responsibly.
  2. We know how disruptive this can be to your home life, particularly at a time when more people are working from home. HSW Floors will work tirelessly to make sure your project is moving forward toward the goal of getting your life back to normal.